Sunday, August 24, 2008

Experimenting With Audio

Last night we made our way to a regular location to do some recordings and to experiment with the several different recorders we have. They were placed on a table all within 12 inches of eachother. One recorder (A) had a disconnected plug inserted into the microphone jack with the hope to disable to onboard microphone, though previous experimenting revealed that doing this only quiets the microphone and not entirely stopped its effectiveness. The other two were used as normal, but one of the recorders (C) has monitoring capabilities so this feature was utilized while we recorded by using headphones. Though we have gotten EVPs at this location previously, nothing was actually noticed via the headphones during the session, which was also video recorded to act as a control to the setup.

The items shown above are:
A) Olympus VN-960PC DVR
B) Multimeter
C) Olympus DS-30 DVR
D) Extech #480823 EMF Meter
E) Olympus VN-4100PC DVR
F) Cell Phone for time keeping
G) Sony MDR CD50 Headphones

We have been experimenting with the multimeter to monitor the sound levels in the room while recording. Since the meters reaction time is slightly delayed it is tough to determine what it is reacting to at times, but if we can determine if whether or not it reacts to EVPs this may offer some further understanding as to their nature.

The results of last night's endeavors will follow once a full analysis of the acquired material has been conducted.

~ Chris Orapello

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