Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend we will be going out to conduct an EVP session at a friend's home. She is curious as to whether or not her husband, who has sinced passed away, is still in the home. She often feels his presence and would like to know.

In other news, the results from the August 23, 2008 investigation have been fruitful. Comparing the different recorders despite the false headphone jack in the one has proven useful. It would seem that the Olympus DS-30 DVR offers a good contrast to the recording session, but the other recorder is providing better quality EVPs. Some of them from this session may be showcased on the website once we can assess them as a team. Life and school have become primary focuses for all of us as of late, but I hope to have some new EVPs and a new article on the website soon.

This weekend will offer a change of pace and we are certainly looking forward to it.

~Chris Orapello

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