Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Ghost Hunters" Debunked on

The Haunted New Jersey Podcast never ceases to amaze me. In episode #71 they mention a website which debunks "Ghost Hunters" the reality television show/documentary from the SciFi Channel. Now, I have had issues with "Ghost Hunters" for years as I myself have seen through many of their alleged evidence and paranormal experiences for a long time. I rarely watch it anymore because of how much it bothers me and how questionable, if not out-rightly fraudulent, the show can be. Personally it's nice to see someone directly address the issue of this show and what reportedly occurs on it. I always cringe anytime a thermal image is held into question by them, they have a shadow which looks like a computer generated image, or any time they have something moving on film as all incidents of movement look like they are being pulled by a string or wire.

One of the incidents directly addressed on the website, and one which I noticed specifically while I happened to be watching the show at the time, was caught during the last live Halloween special that was done down at Fort Delaware. Grant Wilson was claiming that his jacket collar was being tugged by an unknown force and I noticed that:

  1. His hand was always in his pocket when his collar was tugged.
  2. The movement of the tugged collar always went towards the hand which was in the pocket.
  3. Grant always seemed to move like he was anticipating the occurrence when it happened.
  4. And when it happened the hand in the pocket was on his other side, opposite the view of the camera. has detailed video footage of the time period after when Jason pats Grant on the back which makes his collar move in a very slight manner, but in a manner which mirrors Jason's movements indicating a string or wire of some kind was present.

I have always admited that I initially liked the show years ago, but it didn't last very long because the more I learned about Paranormal Investigation the more I saw through Ghost Hunters. Anyone interested in this issue should really check out It's a great website, perhaps it's ballsy on the part of the site author, but it is totally necessary.

~Chris Orapello


OJ said...

I appreciate everyone's support with Enough of the deceit and lies - the truth needed to be told.


Christopher Orapello said...

Yea, it's a shame about the show. The more I began to think about it last night the more I realized that 98% if not every time something allegedly moved on the show, Grant was around. What are the odds?

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Kelly said...

And you guys are idiots!! Did you WATCH the show CLOSELY? Grant's jacket was pulled from the back! DUH?!!! Your nothing but immature children.

lauren brown said...

You guys have nothing better to do in your life but take an honest groups of guys help a child my family was torn apparatus by the you see they stupid groups popping up everywhere claiming demons and dark forces are in there home.that's stupid to throw the religious crap into it if I was dead and someone now lives in my house and you bring idiots who say everyone who's dead is of the devil I would growl and tell the I'm a demon too.on ghosts caught on camera so stupid girl said are you a demon the ghost said back your the demon and laughed OMG they took that as a demons with an evil laugh.look up ebe Monroe institute who deal with the dead at no point do they run into soon as I see a show or group with religious overtones I turn it off because how narrow minded know it all they are.or the best OS a demon acting like a dead child and these people believe its a demon those groups need to be shot.